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i dont think anyone really understands how much compliments actually mean to me like i usually brush them off with a joke and a quick “thank you” but really i remember compliments for forever so if you’ve ever complimented me or done something nice for me thank you so much wow

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Thankful // 06.23.12

A dear friend of mine had his engagement party, which was surreal! Time is fleeting. I’m really happy for the couple! On another note, it was so nice to be reunited with old friends. :] Feels like home.

Thankful // 04.18.12

So incredibly relieved and happy that KSA/CASA Block Party 2012 was a success! The committee worked hard for months, and everything just fell into place that night. I’m thankful that I was able to be a part of the marketing committee. I put my graphic design skills to use by making the flyer and shirt for the event! And I got to meet Clara C again. She even asked for my email because she liked the flyer design. :] 

Thankful // 04.15.12

I’m thankful for the opportunity I had to attend Islands of Adventure for free for the second year in a row. Great times with great friends! So much fun!

Thankful // 04.14.12

I’m thankful I went out of my comfort zone and went out to celebrate part two of Iia’s birthday at the club! It was definitely an experience I’ll remember. lol We need to go more often! Lago fam. <3 

Thankful // 04.07.12

I’m so happy I did Sayaw this year! It was nice to be able to do traditional Filipino dancing again; just like old times. What a great group of people. FSA Dance Troupe <3

Thankful // 04.03.12

So honored and flattered that I got nominated for ‘Best Dressed Guy’, ‘Most Creative’, and ‘Top Performer’ for FSA superlatives this year. :] It’s something I will always remember. 

Thankful // 03.17.12

All you need is good food and good company. I’m thankful, honored really, that I was able to celebrate King’s birthday with her and her family. She’s been such a huge inspiration to me. And her personality? She’s one of the most endearing people I’ve ever met. Home cooked food. Dancing. A karaoke machine. Friends who are like family. That’s all you need.

Thankful // 03.18.12

It’s been a long time coming and I’ve come so far. Ever since I started college, I never even thought I’d actually have the courage to join Fresh Off the Beat. Something was always holding me back… Tonight was surreal for me. I honestly couldn’t be more happy and content. I’m thankful for the opportunity I had to do a create and teach for Fresh Off the Beat. I’m glad I followed through, because I was nervous at first. Everyone was so supportive and excited though. It was such an amazing, memorable experience. Everyone had fun and really tried to learn Amara’s choreo and mine as well. That’s all I could ask for. It’s an experience I’ll remember for years to come.